100% Web Based

  • Based on the latest web technologies, SARA delivers a desktop experience that runs faster than most, if not all, PC-based solutions
  • Your data anywhere – no need to dedicate a workstation and a slow and less than secured VPN access that only one user at a time can access
  • Unlimited number of user at no extra cost

The power of the cloud

  • Hosted by AZURE – the Cloud by Microsoft: faster data processing and delivery, highly secured, international access with guaranteed speed
  • Can integrate seamlessly with PC-based applications
  • No IT cost: no maintenance, no complex update to install on PC’s and servers.
  • SARA is always up-to-date, we take care of this for you. This is your guarantee to always run the latest release and to get access the latest features
  • The choice is yours: SARA can also be installed at your facilities or in your own private Cloud
Precise data analysis

Up to 1/2048 sec parameter processing and display at their native rate to ensure a down-to-the-bit precise event detection, touchdown detection, etc… as well as less fake-positives

100% opened database
  • SARA relies on MS SQL Server with views on the database that ensures that any changes to the database from one version of SARA to another will not affect any interfaces you may have built to access its data
  • Ready for seamless integration with advanced BI systems
  • Ready for data mashup (i.e. SMS, dispatch, fuel, etc…)
  • Ready for Big Data
NEW SARA as a plugin

We realize that some operators may not be ready for a complete switch from their current FDA system to SARA. In such cases, one can still benefit from all SARA’s added-values while SARA works as a plugin on top of your current system (compatible with most current FDA systems). 
Please contact us for more information…