Personalized Dashboards

  • Dynamic updates that delivers personalized and configurable key information and indicators to each specific users
  • Stickers - A revolutionary way to highlight and deliver key information for each and every flights. Focus your time where it really matters, decrease the time you spend in validating flights and events

Flight View

  • Full flight, all parameters displayed in a matter of seconds with the precision you would expect from a flight investigation system (up to 1/2048 sec)
  • Interactive Event Markers – go straight to the right information in a fraction of a second
  • Dynamic parameter traces, tabular data, plan and profile view, PFD and instruments, Google Earth and Native 3D animation
  • Parameter envelops – a revolutionary way to compare a parameter from a single flight against 100’s of other flights

Trends & Statistics

  • Proven statistical and trend analysis with trustable and actionable reports
  • Drill-down to the flights of concerns with a simple click on any charts in any reports
  • Reports are directly linked to the Smart Global Filter while also offering some dedicated filters and options according to each report specific purpose

Risk Monitoring, KPI's & Corrective Actions

  • A first in the world of FDA: define your very own KPI’s, SARA does the rest when it comes to monitor them and alert you about adverse or positive trends.
  • SARA works in a closed loop with KPI’s ensuring real-time risk monitoring as well as measuring the effectiveness of your correcting actions
  • Log corrective actions for your events: per fleet or for all fleet
  • Follow and monitor corrective actions as well as embedded comments and suggestions. This allows for productive team work in your department and across your organization
  • Publish corrective actions. Get your crews more engaged into your FDA program, ensure constant crews’ awareness

Other Key Features

  • An intuitive and powerful way to classify events and flight of interest using to your very own taxonomy
  • Quick access to the information from similar flights or events while validating or investigating your data
  • Re-use past analyses and results, get greater insights and the “complete picture”, save time
Smart Global Filters
  • Point and click filter definition, most intuitive data filter implementation ever
  • Single page technology: set one filter, it stays active for all pages you navigate through until the work is done and you clear the filter. Information are always at reach, regardless what you are working on in SARA
  • A productive way to dig into your data and look into pre-built trends and statistical reports while keeping the focus on the information you are after
Flight Share
  • Share a flight among users as well as with the de-identified crew
  • Get prompt feedback from crews about events or flights of interest
  • Request the assistance from other analysts and / or departments
  • Selectively share findings, analysis and proposed actions across your organization. Streamline and accelerate the decision process
What-If Analysis

Envisioned for years in the field of FDA, ERGOSS is the first provider to deliver solutions and adequate response times that finally make what-if analysis a reality for your FDA Program.
If you are unfamiliar with What-If Analysis, please feel free to contact us for more information about this key feature in SARA